My Corgis! :)

pemmie needs to learn how to chill like his/her cardie sib

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Corgi pic of the day: Name: Gretzky, Owner: Deb, Location: La Crescent, MN

The new King… is most furry and fluffy.




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365/155 - Bath Time on Flickr.

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Mom told me we were going swimming…this is a bathtub, not a swimming pool. :(

Angel loves the water…hates bath time.

Day 155 of 365 complete!



Roy the Corgi: So… do we have a deal?

Gerry the Corgi: Yeah, do we have a deal?

Office guy:  I’m sorry guys, I just don’t think my business has a need for sticks you found.

Roy the Corgi: Is it the price? That was just a soft figure.

Gerry the Corgi: Yeah, a soft figure. Real soft. Like warm butter. I want to lick some warm butter right now.

Roy the Corgi: Gerry, contain yourself, we’re doing business.

Office guy: Guys, the price is fine. It’s just that we are an advertising company. I don’t know what we would do with sticks.

Roy the Corgi: Sir, I can tell that you like to drive a hard bargain. I can respect that. Gerry respects that…

Gerry the Corgi: I do.

Roy the Corgi: But the thing about sticks is, you don’t know you need them until you have them. It’s like an iPod or a flea collar.

Gerry the Corgi: Or worm meds.

Roy the Corgi: Can it, Gerry.

So here is what I’m going to do for you, sir. I am going to give you this first batch of sticks at cost. Several of these I fetched myself. They are sticks of the finest quality.

Office guy:  I’m sure they are fine sticks…

Roy the Corgi: FINE? These are GREAT sticks.

Gerry the Corgi: They are pretty amazing sticks.

Roy the Corgi:  And you know what else I’m going to do? Do not tell my boss about this or he will get PISSED… But I’m going to give you the sticks, at cost, AND… I’m going to throw in 3 slightly chewed tennis balls for free.

Gerry the Corgi: The boss better not find out about this. I don’t want to get in trouble.

Roy the Corgi: Don’t be a pussy, Gerry.

Now, mister, I’m going to extend my paw and we’re going to shake on this deal. What do you say?

Office guy: You guys are adorable, but I think I have to ask you to leave. 

Roy the Corgi: I’m totally going to shit in your car. 

Office guy: Okay, get out.

Roy the Corgi: It’s that gray one, right?

Gerry the Corgi: They all look gray.

Office guy: Leave!

Gerry the Corgi: I don’t have to poop right now.

Roy the Corgi: Don’t worry, Gerry. I’ve been saving up.

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Do The Corgi Stride!

This dance move is quite popular at my place, beginning with a confident strut that always degenerates into waddling like a wombat, shaking your tail so much the rest of your body has no choice but to follow! Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

she speaks the truth. now go do eeet.



Charlie loves grass no matter where it may be.

Submitted and photographed by Ciara G.

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North is contemplative as he soaks up the Spring sun. :)

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Foxy just stop himself from rolling around in the piles of newly mowed grass.

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